Bookings Only
  • Bookings Only
  • No annual fee, no upfront cost
  • Commission only on each booking
  • Bookings reported in real-time by SMS
  • Online account & bookings calendar
  • Targeted marketing in E.Europe & Russia
  • No exclusivity required
  • Register and upload online immediately
  • Commission 10%
Full Management

Full Management is curently available only for limited number of locations in Bulgaria

  • No annual fee, no upfront cost
  • Commission only on each booking
  • Marketing in 43 languages
  • Listing on 350+ websites
  • Checking in and out each guest
  • Cleaning and linen change
  • Processing of all payments
  • Payment of owner’s amenities bills
  • Bookings reported in real-time by SMS
  • Online account & bookings calendar
  • Owners can still use their property
Why is Arendoo different? 
Arendoo is one of the few sources of transparent professional holiday rental services in Bulgaria. Unlike so many, we not only provide marketing, bookings and payment services, we also place guests, clean and change linen and thus remove all the hassle from overseas lettings and the expense of third party property management. No longer is it the only choice to leave the keys with the reception services or local key-holder and hope they are honest with you when your apartment is used. With Arendoo bookings are reported to you in real-time as they happen: who, when and how much for are automatically declared upon reservation via email and sms. Every owner has access to their online account to view details of every transaction, their full bookings calendar, any amenities bills or alike, Arendoo maintains a strict policy of being fully transparent and fully accountable.
Which type of listing is right for me: full management or bookings only? 
Full Management: our fully managed service takes care of every aspect of the rental of your property. We will comprehensively market your offer in 43 languages, take bookings, process all payments, answer questions from potential guests, check guests into and out of your property, clean and change linen and make payment for your amenities bills, insurance and alike. Under full management you can be involved as little or as much as you wish, the service allows investors to be entirely hands-off requiring only your confirmation of where to pay your rental funds. As your property will be represented exclusively by Arendoo we will invest into achieving the maximum volume of bookings by listing your offer on more than 350 websites ensuring the greatest exposure and highest yield. We will also visit your property without charge to take professional wide-angle photos and video to provide high quality representation.
Where is the full management service available? 
Summer: Our fully managed service is currently available along the Black Sea coast between Kavarna in the north and Bourgas in the south including Varna city and the main resorts of Sunny Beach and Golden Sands. Although we are always expanding we do not currently offer full management in Sozopol, Lozenets, Primorsko, Sinemorets or Kiten – for all these locations and any other we recommend using our ‘bookings only’ service. Winter: we currently offer a fully managed service in Bansko, but not Pamporovo or Borovets – for all these locations and any other we recommend using our ‘bookings only’ service.
Can I switch from ‘bookings only’ to ‘full management’? 
Yes indeed, you can switch immediately from ‘bookings only’ to ‘full management’. We would only require you to sign a contract and block out any unavailable dates before we commence marketing under our fully managed service. If you wished to switch from full management to bookings only you can also do this, but would need to provide notice to us as per the terms and conditions of the contractual agreement.
Can I still use my property or let my friends and family use it? 
Absolutely, we do not deny or restrict access to your own property. Via Arendoo’s online software each owner can log into their account and use the bookings calendar tools to block out dates they wish to use the property themselves, reserve for their friends and family or have already booked via their own sources and thus wish to make unavailable. Our only requirement is that once you subscribe to our fully managed service the available dates are booked on a first come first served basis, as such should you wish to use your property for your own purposes we recommend blocking out your chosen dates early to avoid disappointment. Any prior private booking will take priority by default, we are unable to cancel bookings once made and have legal obligation to deliver the property as advertised and booked by guests, as such if looking to use your property last minute, please select only from available dates.
When do I get paid and how? 
Under our ‘bookings only’ service we will release available funds 24 hours after the guests have checked in. Under our fully managed service we can make payment to you at the end of the season: for summer properties this will be October and for ski properties it will be May. In either case payment can be made to you via bank transfer or by PayPal as you decide.
What happens when someone wants to book my property? 
Under full management you will be informed by email and sms, no action is required, we will take care of everything involved. Under bookings only you will receive an instant email and sms informing your of the booking period and amount, you will have 24hrs to confirm if you wish to accept the booking. If you decline the booking or do not respond we assume the property is unavailable and will decline the booking on your behalf and notify the guest of alternative accommodation options.
What if a guest causes damage to my property? 
Accidents happen, although far less frequently than commonly feared. Ultimately there is no way to entirely protect your property against this inherent risk, as such for peace of mind and fiscal security Arendoo recommends comprehensive insurance coverage against loss and damage by guests. We provide such a quote as standard for every new owner listing their property with us, insurance policies start from 80 Euros / year.
How can I keep track of Arendoo bookings? 
You will always be informed by email and sms as soon as a booking has been taken, but if you wish to view a summary of all bookings, availability, income and bills etc, you can log into your online account with us via this website.
Who pays my amenities bills and do I have any extra costs? 
Under our fully managed service we do pay for your water, electricity, TV and internet charges etc and these costs are deducted from your share of the rental income. Your regular ownership costs such as annual maintenance and annual property tax or alike still apply and will need to be paid by you directly, however if surplus funds are held with Arendoo and you would like to pay these costs instead of paying you, this is can certainly be arranged. Arendoo’s only charge is its service commission, there are no additional or hidden costs.
What does it cost to work with Arendoo? 
For bookings only commission is 10% of the total booking. Portfolio managers should contact us to discuss bulk rates. For full management if we are able to cover your area please contact us and we will give you a quote.