We are getting better. More tools and functionalities on arendoo


We have been working hard over the past couple of months to improve arendoo.com for our both hosts and guests. More tools and functionality now makes letting and renting throughout our community even easier.

Better communication systems

Thanks to your feedback, we have significantly changed how messaging works between hosts and guests: it is now required for guests to enter their preferred dates before sending any messages to a host. This change will make the messaging more focused on the actual booking and filters out messages relating to unavailable dates or questions regarding prices for certain dates.

We are also introducing a new function by which the host can pre-approve the guest directly from the message board for the dates the guest entered before sending the enquiry. When pre-approved the guest will have the option to book the property without making a further booking request for a period of 24 hours after the approval. Тhe host can рrе-approve as many guests as they like without blocking the dates of their calendar. The calendar will be blocked only if any of the pre-approved guests make a booking and pay a deposit.

Faster sign up and log in

We developed a new function to allow guests to create accounts and log in using their facebook and google credentials. This option will make the log in process smoother and faster, especially handy to people who are not so good at remembering lots of different passwords!