Introducing new updates to better Arendoo experiance


We are happy to announce that we have introduced new sets of improvements to our platform which will better the experience on Arendoo for holidaymakers and landlords. Here is a summary of the improvements:

New scoring system

We have changed how the properties are displayed on the search. The parameters that are taken into account, when the score is calculated are score reviews, response rate and percentage of holidaymaker messages answered, booking type (instant booking or booking request), percentage of accepted booking requests, last updated calendar. To make our platform a fair ground for the newly added properties with previously existing ones, we will grant a higher score for the recently published listings for a period of 1 month in order to give them time to accumulate stats for our scoring system.

In other words, the better the reviews and the quicker the owner replies to clients and booking requests, the higher the score will be for the particular property. This will result in more views for your property.

Improved conversations

After months of testing and analysis, we came to the conclusion that it is vital to make our messaging system more user friendly with introducing notifications and tips for all functionalities and tools. The notifications are displayed based on ‘keywords’ that have been used in the messages.
We have also added a new function in the chat system, which allows the owner to cancel pre-approvals in the messaging, prior to the automatic cancellation.

New E-mail notifications design

We introduced new design for the emails notifications that holidaymakers and landlords receive after booking requests, payments, updates, etc. The design is standardized and the contents are more neatly organized and optimized for mobile devices.


We are encouraged that the new upgrades will better the user experience on our platform. Meanwhile, we continue our work to analyze and test our system to introduce new and updated tools and functionalities.