REVIEW your holiday


Dear all,

Once again we are extremely proud to announce that we have added new features to our web platform. 


We strongly believe that one of the most important factors for enhancing our user experience is to take into account the opinion of the community.

Arendoo users can now leave reviews for the property that they stayed in or for the guests they had. Implementing the review system, we hope to make it easier for the tenants and landlords to choose properties and guests, respectively.

What will reviews include?

Apart from the basic characteristics of reviews systems, score and comment, we have added two new features. When you write your review, you will have the possibility to send a private messasge to the owner ( will not be seen by other users ) and a private message to Arendoo ( will not be seen by the owner or other users ). This way we give our users the freedom to express themselves more freely.

Do you want to reply to the review?

Have you ever received a review that did not describe the how picture? Now you will have the possibility to reply to a review comment and give your side of the story to the community.

We firmly believe that these new features will greatly improve the user experience on Arendoo. Stay tuned for more updates.