Arendoo in 2017


New updates on the platform for the last quarter in 2017


In 2017 we aimed to deliver changes to Arendoo that will make the working process easier for landlords and guests.

We launched Greek version of our platform and have invested in marketing on the Greek market. We have a new member to our team who is in charge of the Greek operation – Vasily Piatidis. For the last quarter of 2017, we started partnerships with more than 200 individual owner and professional management companies, which added more than 250 vacation properties in the most popular parts of Greece.  We are expecting to get more exciting listings by the beginning of the summer season.

We have added new functionalities and tools on the platform.

Here are the most important:

  • Calendar update: You can now use the Arendoo calendar to add external bookings, which will allow the landlords to keep track of bookings from external channels.
  • Calendar sync: If you use other booking channels that use iCal, you are now able to sync these calendars with Arendoo by exporting and importing iCal url addresses.
  • Extra guests fee: The landlords can now set fees per night depending of the number of guests that will stay in the property.
  • Instant booking: Landlords can now use the Instant book option. This will allow the guests to book the properties without prior requests.
  • Guests: For each booking, the guests now have to specify how many adults, children and infants will stay in the property.
  • Push notifications: For better communication, we have introduced web notifications. With these option enabled, you will receive notifications for new requests, messages and payments on all devices using Google Chrome.
  • Chat filters: We have finetuned the chat filters, which now will allow to exchange personal data through our chat when a booking deposit is paid.

We are continuously working on new updates and changes, so you can expect news from us soon.


Arendoo team