Newest functionalities on Arendoo.


Dear friends,

We have the pleasure to introduce to you our new functionalities that will make the work on Arendoo more efficient and pleasant.

1. Chat translations

We added automatic translations in the chat between owners and clients. This function will allow for Bulgarian tenants to write their message in Bulgarian to a Greek owner and with a simple press of a button, the text will be translated in the Owner’s native language. This is allow owners and tenants to communicate through our system without a common language.

2. New Gallery

We are sure that our new gallery has caught your eye. With this new functionality, the properties are better presented and the tenants can see the whole property at a glance. We used the newest technology, RESPONSIVE, for the gallery, which will format the photos according to the device that is used.

3. Co-host added

This functionality allows owners to add Co-hosts (managers) to their property. Co-hosts will have permission to operate the listing as the owner would, to answer tenant request, to add photos, to change price, etc. This functionality is aimed to satisfy the needs of our owners that use management companies.

What is next? 

We are currently developing a new module that will allow boutique hotels to work with us. This functionality is under test at the moment. Our system will be integrated with Channal Managers in Greece, which will enable travelers to find some unique places around Greece.